Die traditionelle Gaststätte seit 1583
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Gnomenkeller (the Gnome Cellar) – One of Flensburg’s special attractions
The Gnome Cellar was built by a Dutch builder, probably as a wine cellar. The Gnome Cellar belongs to some of the very best remains of the solid building art of the 16th century. Splendid Gothic arches, which are supported by two free-standing pillars and numerous wall-consoles roofs over the room and lends it transverse, length and diagonal belts with the arch-faces giving the room a rich architectural diversity.
In the 17th century the Gnome Cellar was used as storage room for grocery goods. In 1873, when the cellar was used as a wine storage and wine being served in the premises, the cellar was given the name “Gnomenkeller” because friendly gnomes along walls of the staircase beckoned people to enter. Mr. Schurig, a drawing-teacher and a regular guest, was given the job to decorate the cellar.  He also decorated the tables and chairs with so-called wood burn painting, where he etched the wood of tables and chairs with glowing iron-rods.
The wall paintings were especially funny. There you would see “Lippe Dickmund” (“Lippy Fat-mouth”), the “Urban Brummkreisel” (no valid translation), “Krischan Dösig” (“Krischan Drowsy”), “Baron von Schaf” (“Baron von Sheep”) and many other gnomes with bizarre names. In 1876 it was possible to break down a wall to the neighbouring house/cellar and a new room was created: The “Tugendrose” (“The rose of virtue”). Golden words over the entrance to the street - Holm - greeted the guest when he was on the way down to the cellar. In 1906 a new room (“Ratsstube”) was decorated with town arms of the towns in Schleswig-Holstein.

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